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Within nursery we have embedded a strong ethos of quality to ensure children receive the best outcomes while they attend. Children are truly valued within our nursery, their ideas, conversations and their thoughts help them to feel confident in their surroundings.

We work towards the principles and commitments of the Early Years Foundation Stage and have developed stringent policies and procedures relating to the welfare requirements.

Senior staff members have high expectation for children and their families and we work closely with the team to strive for excellent care. Nursery offers children the security of a key person approach in which key bonds are forged. Nursery staff plan activities for their key group following children’s interests or developmental stages of development.

All children receive a base line assessment for their development and nursery staff work closely with parents to ensure children make excellent progress with their milestones and development. Play underpins all our learning and activities within nursery. We are fully aware of the importance of play opportunities and how they benefit children’s learning and developed.

Supportive staff use theoretical approaches when playing with our children using a balance of both adult-led and child-led activities. Evidence of learning is recorded within our individual observations, photographs, artwork and learning journeys. Parents and carers are thought of as partners and their opinions are valued and appreciated. We offer a dedicated parent only face book page and a parent group in which parents can offer their thoughts regarding how the nursery is ran.

Our popular baby social group offers parents who are on maternity leave the opportunity to make new friends and enables children to become familiar with the environment.

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