Our baby unit has its own secure entrance and the area itself houses two individual age appropriate baby areas, one for children 0 - 12 months (Buttercup Group) and the other for children aged 12 – 18 months (Bluebell Group).

Child/staff ratios within these rooms are 1 staff – 3 children. Within the baby unit they also have their own kitchen area, bathroom and baby bedroom.

Our ‘main’ house is situated within the original house. It comprises of a large entrance hall on ground level which leads to two further play rooms. One houses children aged 18 months – 2 years (Daisy Group) and the other from 2 years – 2.5 years (Poppy Group). The Daisy Group ratio is 1 staff – 3 children and our Poppy Group ratio is 1 staff – 4 children. These rooms both share a bathroom area.

Through a sliding door within the Poppy Group leads to the purpose built dining area which all groups within the main house use for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Mealtimes provide excellent opportunities for children to value the importance of healthy eating. Menus are planned by our full time cook and our delicious food in prepared within our main kitchen.

Our younger babies have the added advantage of a freshly prepared weaning menu which rotates on a two week cycle and our older children are offered a balanced menu over a four week cycle. Menus are reviewed during the summer and winter months. Additional dietary needs are catered for.

The large staircase leads to two further play rooms. Children aged 2.5 years – 3 years are housed within our Tulip Group. Within this area our child/staff ratio is 1 staff – 4 children.

Within the Tulip Group children have access to their own bathroom area giving them added independence. Our Pre-school children 3 years – 5 years are housed within our Sunflower Group which has its own bathroom area along a short corridor. The ratio within this area is 1 staff – 8 children.

The Sunflower Group has the added advantage of an interactive white board, laptop and desktop computer in which children can develop internet and computer skills. Our Pre-school children are offered French sessions at an additional cost.

All playrooms have a carpeted area, wet/dry area, suitable storage, cosy relaxed areas and are decorated in light colours. We have additional rooms within nursery to offer different experiences to our children who attend. Our soft play area enables physical skills to be further developed and we have developed a Treasure Basket and Heuristic Play room which provides interesting and natural objects for children to explore, encouraging them to experiment, developing their senses and their imagination. Our library service and support loan bags offer children and parents further opportunities to have access to additional books and resources.

Children love our outdoor area for outdoor fun and experiences. Our grassed hills, decking area and climbing tree offer a ‘woodland’ feel and our ‘hard’ area provides nursery staff and children with a ‘blank canvas’ with extended equipment and resources. Our outdoor soft area and decked gazebo area provides opportunities for our younger babies to experience outdoor play.

Close to nursery we have access to our local park which has large play equipment and nature trails which we enjoy. Our nursery is situated next to a local Metro station which enables our children to experience trips and visits. These visits provide positive outcomes for our children not only giving them learning experiences but also provides them with opportunities to further develop their social and communication skills.

Ample car parking facilities are available when dropping off and collecting your child.

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